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David Samuel
Persuade truly delivers on its promises, as a new startup we needed both quantity and quality in our leads. Their team not only provided real-time data and email updates but also actionable results that significantly boosted our business.
12/22/2023 10:14:53 AM Report

We purchased a large number of office chairs from Furniture Depot. We are quite happy with the durability and aesthetic of the chairs. These are not just stylish, but they are offer much needed support to your back when sitting for long hours.
7/10/2019 11:01:07 AM Report

I am the owner of a small dress store in Capetown where Theft is an ongoing problem in some particular neighborhoods in the outskirts of the city. Hence, to get some peace of mind, I wanted to install WCCTV products for added supervision. I approached RikRhino for the same, and could not have been more impressed. They supply A grade products at affordable prices, significantly lower than any other company. I would recommend them to all my colleagues in the future.
7/27/2018 7:41:18 AM Report

After buying this amazing PIY ribbon printer, I’m simply over the moon! It’s a great deal of fun, owing to its nifty ribbon printing mechanism. –Happy As Can Be, Johannesburg.
8/18/2017 9:33:05 AM Report

Southend Scaffolding does a great job for scaffolding arrangements, no matter what purpose it is used for. I recently employed their services for the construction of the main stage of a festival i was organising which required strong and reliable scaffolding components. Their staff suggested that they should use Self-Lock frames and the results were fantastic.
8/9/2017 9:02:42 AM Report