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14 Moody Avenue
Epping 1
Cape Town 7475
South Africa
Phone number:
021 820 9944
086 604 5212


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Company description

Southend Scaffolding is a reputed scaffolding and associated accessories manufacturer as well as a supplier. The company was established to bring reliable and high-performance scaffolding and other accessories into the market. Southend Scaffolding has 7 years of valuable experience in manufacturing scaffolding products & accessories and providing them to their clientele. With expert knowledge and the latest technology, they make the safest scaffolding in the entire region.

More details

South End Scaffolding offers a high quality Kwikstage system that is widely used in construction sites because of its high strength. This system can support any decking system in almost all type of job application. The Kwikstage system is versatile in nature and it is easy to assemble and dismantle.
Self-lock scaffolding
The self-lock scaffolding system is quite popular among contractors because of its mobility and quick assembly features. They can be managed easily due to their light-weight nature and easy construction ability. This kind of scaffolding structure is most commonly used for electrical work, building maintenance and décor application.
Heavy Duty Props:
Heavy Duty Props supplied by South End Scaffolding are manufactured in accordance with the European, British and SABS standards. The props can carry up to 39KN weight. These heavy duty props are renowned for their high-quality and the company also extends efficient services.
Formwork is an important part of construction. South End Scaffolding offers steel formwork. The formwork is made of high-quality steel which is ideal when working with concrete. The company offers formwork of varying kinds and strengths to meet needs of their clients.


I am the owner of a small repairs and modification shop and needed to replace my Base Jacks with reliable ones. After much searching, I approached South End Scaffolding for their Base Jacks. They provided them at a very competitive rate. After using them, I can say that I’m a satisfied customer and would recommend them in the future.
10/31/2019 7:29:12 AM Report

I was a newbie in the construction industry and was wondering which company I should rely on. After doing extensive research, I have got the name of the leading scaffolding solution in Cape Town. It was South End Scaffolding from where I have purchased scaffolding system, formwork and all required accessories. I recommend the name to everyone who needs.
7/9/2019 1:48:40 PM Report

I needed to purchase a scaffolding system for my construction project. After shopping around, I chose to buy a scaffolding system from South End Scaffolding. The products are good quality and their pricing is competitive. South End Scaffolding is undoubtedly one of the best scaffolding companies in South Africa.
4/24/2019 7:03:02 AM Report

My colleague who is a contractor himself recommended the scaffolding accessories from South End Scaffolding. They are manufactured with the utmost care and expertise and according to the SABS standards.
1/28/2019 9:19:48 AM Report

South End Scaffolding has solved all my scaffolding problems by supplying easy to build and strong self-lock scaffolding. South End Scaffolding is the reason behind the strength of my office building.
9/7/2017 12:07:46 PM Report

Southend Scaffolding does a great job for scaffolding arrangements, no matter what purpose it is used for. I recently employed their services for the construction of the main stage of a festival i was organising which required strong and reliable scaffolding components. Their staff suggested that they should use Self-Lock frames and the results were fantastic.
8/9/2017 9:02:42 AM Report