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when i walked in the reception at forefront clinic i was feeling miserable and scared.i was welcomed by a friendly woman who gave me a paper to fill and asked me a few questions.she then took me to a waiting room.i read some magazines but i was feeling very anxious.my heart was beating so fast i just wanted everything to be over.after about 40 minutes of waiting the docter finally came and by that time there was another girl waiting with me and she was with her boyfriend.ten minutes later i was called in.when i entered the room i looked around and i was terrified.the doctor was like so nice she noticed how tense i was and asked if i was okay.i said yes im fine im just scared.she then asked some questions and filled the rest of the form.she made me feel so relaxed and we spoke about the whole procedure.she made sure i was 100% sure about my decision.once i was relaxed she began the procedure.it took less than 15 minutes.it was painful but bareble.i was given painkillers afterwards and was told to relax in the recovery room untill i felt i was okay.i felt some huge relief and the friendly staff made things so easy.its been a week now and i feel great.
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