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I would appreciate it of the nurses took better of patients, honestly, our parents are there, sick and in need of the nurses' help but the nurses are not helping, some patients can't feed themselves and they let them starve. How can a person take meds on an empty stomach, seriously, those nurses are letting people die. If they can't take care of patients, why don't they tell us to come take our parents and siblings home, so we can look for help elsewhere? You get to the hospital and the first thing you here from the person you are visiting is that they are hungry and thirsty, they can't even give them water. What time is lunch time there? I went to see a family member this past weekend and it was around past 1, he was dry and hungry and I told the nurses and they told me they do not have food, does that mean he did not get lunch cause I was there until 4pm and I did not see anyone bring him food, I bought him food, I fed him, I gave him water, leaving the hospital broke my heart because I did not know if he was going to get supper and he can't feed himself. Please take better care of people in that hospital, we still need them in our lives, hence we brought them there for you guys can help them get better, so they can come back home and be with the people who love them.
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