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Kurt Hendricks
Poor service at Total Strand Car Wash on 26/01/2019. I will never wash my car here again. Although I recently moved this side, I will rather drive to Total Kuils River where I always had my car washed. Total Strand car wash team extremely lazy. I got there at 07h00, fourth in queue, paid R120.00 and the team only started washing the first car at 07h20 although they were there (just strolling around). At 08h15 the first car was still being vacuumed. The elderly supervisor instructed another Total staff member to assist by vacuuming my car, he walked to my car, turned around and showed the supervisor with his hand "to go" and walked off.....at 08h25, I just dusted off my car mats by myself and drove off cause I was so frustrated!!!! What a R120.00 wasted!!! Regards, Kurt 0732564366. knjhendricks@gmail.com
1/26/2019 7:14:14 AM Report