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Easy~Fast~Safe These are but few of the words Bidvest tells us they're serves-es in money transfers are . They say they are the leading bank in country to country money Transfers and that all you will need to claim money sent to you is the Transaction number and a photo id . I say BS . These are all lies ! They hold your money hostage and insist on having the proof that this money is indeed yours . Money that was payed into your unique bank account , your account that has a unique bank account number ! Bidvest has lost my trust and I will be telling anyone that asks me for reference in the Future to rather use Western Union to transfer money to and from Family overseas . Bidvest I will not in the Future be doing anymore business with you and I will make sure my Family doesn't either a NOT satisfied NO Longer Client Ps I would have RATTED you minus 5 bus unfortunately this site does not have that feature
12/13/2012 11:27:26 AM Report