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a family member started working for YADA life centre and was employeed as their production manager. This person was instructed to research bio-diesel plants and to source funding for this project that this NPO would have used to produce and sell bio-diesel. YADA acknowledged the employee and provided him with an email address etc. on which he was required to work and do research on. The family member did have a battle with drug-addiction previously and because he managed to be sober for a substantial amount of time, verified by the center before employment, and because the family-member has developed a passion to assist others with overcoming this battle, he was seen as a very good candidate and was hired by YADA. What YADA did instead of registering and employee, was register this employee as a patient to ensure that they meet their annual required figures to keep licenses and comply with trading practice. They then further went on to say that the family member never worked for their company and this resulted in the family member losing a new employment opportunity because they misrepresented the situation after the family member resigned their, the reason being that he believed them not to be trust worthy and because they insisted that employees carry out work on private residences not related to the YADA life-style center. During his employment, the family member never received a payslip, or treatment. The family member was also sent on training to be qualified to work with patients. All in all, nothing that this place stands for is what they live. I suggest that Cristian Revival Church do proper investigation into this affiliate.
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