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E du Plessis
Global Parts Online/GPO Crew are dishonest. I enquired about a side-view mirror for my vehicle. I was given a price upfront, and was then told to pay a 50% deposit, which I duly did, on the promise that they would either find the part within 14 days, or they would give me a refund. They found a part and sent me images. The part looked damaged, so I refused it, and was told they would find a replacement. I was then also told the part was an “original”, but they would not supply it with any kind of warranty. I then rather purchased a brand-new after-market part, with a warranty, from another supplier. Despite numerous communications on email and WhatsApp (I have screenshots), with promises to ‘investigate’ for 5 months, I still have not received my refund. GPO Crew and Global Parts Online are the same people. A Google search found reviews of many other people who have had exactly the same experience, so mine is not an isolated case. Look them up on Hello Peter, and see for yourself.
5/23/2023 8:16:48 AM Report