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Completely Dissatisfied
One word to describe the service I received, "SHOCKING". On the night of the 11th Oct I phoned and arranged a taxi from Rocco's Taxis for a 07:00 am pickup on the 12th to take myself and my wife to Frere Hospital. At 07:00 the next morning nobody came so I called to find out where they were. Rocco answered. He told me that he couldn't come as he was going to the airport. I told him that it was completely ridiculous as I had made the arrangement the night before. He told me that I should have arranged with "the day shift". That is utter nonsense as I have used them for years and have never had a problem. Anyway the onus would be on the business itself to ensure that there is communication between the day and night shift. I told him as much and he started threatening and swearing at me. I told him that is no way to treat a customer or to run a business. I told him that I would be posting an account of the incident on social media. He became more abusive and said that he would be at my place in "5 minutes to see what I could do to him". If he could be there in 5 minutes to carry out his threats of violence (he was the only one making them) then he sure as hell could have been there to fulfill the request to take us to the hospital. The impression given was one of a common thug, not someone interested in running a business. I always used his taxi service and always recommended it to people. Not anymore. I shall actively deter anyone from supporting someone like that. It's a pity as there are some great guys in his employ, courteous and friendly. His attitude is as detrimental to them as it is to himself and his business. I score his service a whopping -100 stars out of 5 unfortunately the star rating system does not allow for this.
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