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Chantal Crafford
I cannot believe clients are rating OXBOW a 5? We were told if we "renew" our rental after the equipment was here for 3 years, the equipment would be ours. Thus the new agreement stated "Refurbished" printer and samsung telephone system. We were paying almost R16k for two older, mono printers and a samsung telephone systems which was EOL. Our contract came to an end the end of Feb 2022, as per emails from Merchant West and Oxbow the last payment date would be 1st March 2022. They deducted the amount again on 29th of March and will not even reply to my emails. They are un-ethical. They wanted us to sign again for new equipment and would give us R6k off our contract amount. So they have been over charging us, no able to fix a samsung telephone system on a SLA and then deduct another months rental after our contract expired. How do you trust a company like this?
4/4/2022 9:16:06 AM Report