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This is a total scam, They send the study material but the person that wrote the information can not even spell. They also claim that they will give you a level 7 NQF, but they are not able to do this as they are not registered with the Department of Education. I have submitted my Q&A but till date have not received any correspondence from them, They also provide an address for they business, one in Port Elizabeth, one in Revonia and one in Alberton, but none of these addresses exist, the one they supply for Port Elizabeth they have given 2 addresses. If you call their line as provided, the one number does not exist and the other one is never available, and the list continues.
5/10/2012 11:12:42 AM Report
The mentioned complaint originated with a student who demanded a refund due to financial pressure and time constraints as work. A number of reasons including the non-delivery of study material, spelling mistakes in correspondence as well as the fact that EduStudy could not be contacted and did not return calls were indicated as reasons. The student was fully refunded despite the fact that EduStudy provided proof that study material was forwarded to the indicated address on two occasions. The rude behaviour of the specific individual was reported to the relevant employer and only written communication was ultimately allowed due to the rudeness of the specific individual. After EduStudy indicated that we would be willing to refund the student, a demand for immediate payment was received. It was explained that the refund process will take a week or two after approval has been granted for auditing purposes. As indicated the student was refunded in full. The fact that the study material was never received by the student despite that fact that the address details was verified by EduStudy on at least three occasions remains a mystery. EduStudy ultimately carried the cost of the “non-delivery” of the study material and did not hold the student responsible for it. EduStudy provides training, mentoring and facilitation services on a national as well as regional level and make use of local registration offices and representatives on an ad hoc basis. The permanent address and contact details of EduStudy is available at Further enquiries can be addressed to the
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