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Caroline Holman
Inyoni Rocks Cabanas is not paying my deposit back. They were supposed to do it by the 16th of August . Then excuses started. Paper work with bank info gone. Then no internet, but they email me on internet? Now they are just ignoring me. This is fraud !!!!!!!! I have picked up that other persons also have a similar problem with them. I is clear they think they are untouchable and can do whatever they want and we have no rights . it is time that people realise how the beautiful place is going down the drain by arrogant and lazy people. This is out holiday home for more than 23 years … but now – they are take that does not belong to them
9/5/2018 5:26:10 AM Report

There is not service, I waited for 3 months and still nothing. These people are trying to get “extra Money” from their clients … Watch out !!!!!! all they do is ignore The Complains….. `I wonder if the Real owners know how bad the service is… that is why we have to fill the rating form in when you arrived there…. And not when you leave!!!!!!!! Ask -Karin B Brandt at Inyoni Rocks Cabanas accounts ……….work time is resting time- maybe on holiday all the time!!! This IS NOT a review on the private rentals. The problem is with the Administration of the pool rentals.
11/18/2016 8:33:06 AM Report