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Hi, I was a matric student of 2019.My maths marks were never above 50% from grade 8-11.I have went to every maths tuition there was, but My Khan was the best choice I have ever made. He is an example of an excellent maths teacher, a role model and a friend. As a teenager I have learnt not only to enjoy maths core, but to respect it. Maths core isn't easy, but it isn't a train smash as well. If you want to improve your maths' marks, Mr Khan is a fantastic choice. I promise you won't regret it ! To students who are reading this remember to never give up.Nothing comes easy, effort is a key to success. Mr Khan will never let you down. I PROMISE. Thank you Mr Khan for everything you have done for me. With you by my side I never had a single doubt I would fail. I will never forget your inspirational words and class lessons, not forgetting your unique jokes.
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