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Blesbok Street
Johannesburg 1401
South Africa
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Company description

ZD Creations main focus is Home Decor ,draping,exhibitions,promotions ,conceptualizing

and brainstorming of ideas ,designing invitations ,planning ,organizing and managing events from start to finish irrespective of the size of your special event in Gauteng.

ZD Creations will be creative on your project /event and still give you first class service no matter the budget of your event .

We have our own specialists who specilaize in different areas in the world of events,we have a team that specializes only in Corporate Events -Road Shows,Product Launches ,Product Promotions ,Exhibitions ,Year End Functions and Conferences.

Another team that specializes only in Social Events ,each member in our organisation has something special to contribute in making ZD Creations a success .

Our team that handles the Corporate Events department will ensure that your event has a laid back environment for ,fun ,networking , closing a sale, attracting potential clients .

We play our part in building and promoting your brand in style. We know the different types of marketing strategies to use for your event as events differ according to the themes and objectives of your organisation.

We bring your products to life with our experience and expertise in events planning and executing the task at hand .

We will ensure that all is in place and a huge success at the end of the day because we aim to please.


Corporate EventsTeam

-Road shows

-Product Launches




-Year End Functions

-Sourcing out Venue and Bookings

Social Events Team



-Sourcing out Venue and bookings

-Drafting Invitations

-Personalised time line

-Specialising in Interior decor

-Outsourcing Catering

-Engagement Parties

-Decor & Flower Selection

-All Themed Parties

-Budget planning Showers (bridal ,baby etc...)

-Arrival Gifts Traditional & White weddings

-Islamic Events and Halaal Catering

More details

Services we offer Corporate EventsTeam -Road shows -Product Launches -Promotions -Conferences -Exhibitions -Year End Functions Sourcing out Venue and Bookings Social Events Team Tenting Draping Sourcing out Venue and bookings Drafting Invitations Personalised time line Specialising in Interior decor Outsourcing Catering Engagement Parties Decor & Flower Selection All Themed Parties Budget planning Showers (bridal ,baby etc...) Arrival Gifts Traditional & White weddings Islamic Events and Halaal Catering


EXCELLENT SERVICE -ZDCreations organised my surprise baby shower oh im lost for words .
12/4/2013 4:15:59 PM Report