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South Africa
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Company description

We provide a professional and reliable roof cleaning service that specialises in the cleaning and removal of dust, bird/rat/bat faeces, carcasses, nests, dust mites, building rubble and old deteriorated insulation materials from your roof space.

Our roof spaces are often overlooked when considering a clean and hygienic environment. Many people don’t realise how many rodents, bats, birds and other pests move through their roof leaving behind their urine and faeces. These rodents often attract cockroaches, silverfish and insects. Even after ridding ones house of these pests their faeces still remains.

Over the years this accumulation of faeces and urine dries up and turns to dust and bacteria which slowly makes its way into your living space through light fittings, air vents, extractor fans, gaps in cornices etc. This can often be the cause of a number of unexplained ailments including allergies, diseases, eye & skin irritations, lung diseases and sneezing.

There is serious health risks associated with rat, bat and bird infestations in one’s home. These infestations attract cockroaches, parasites, lice, viruses and bacteria which can in turn pose a health risk in your premises.

Below are some “symptoms” indicating your roof space may need to be cleaned:
◾Bad odours – These may be caused from faeces, urine, old bird nests and carcasses
◾Noises on your ceilings – This may be caused by rats, bats and birds living in your roof
◾Dust in your house – This can seep through fittings and openings in your ceiling to your living space
◾Stains on your ceiling – If this is not caused by a leaky roof chances are its faeces or rodent urine
◾Damage to rolled insulation, plastic pipes and electrical cables – This is usually caused by rats
◾Diseases such as Typhus and Salmonella and intrusion of dust mites
◾Unexplained ailments such as allergies, eye irritations, lung diseases and sneezing which won’t go away


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