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Precast Walling Pros Pretoria

# 1 Precast Walling Providers In Pretoria - Supreme protection for your property at irresistible prices
Best Precast Walling Supplier And Installer In Pretoria * Precast Wall Providers - Easy and reliable installations
Budget-friendly Precast Walls - Free Of Charge Estimate in Pretoria

Precast Walling Pros Pretoria
Shop 8a, 1 Gobie St, Newlands, Pretoria, 0063
087 250 0106,,


Fast precast wall solutions in Pretoria and its neighbouring areas. Call us for a cost-free estimate on precast walling.
Secure your property with precast walls. Dual protection at half the cost by a renowned wall company. Need a cost-free estimate? Call us now!

Precast walls, concrete palisade fencing, and brick walls. Complimentary estimate and initial visits in Pretoria!
Give your property complete protection with precast wall

Secure your family members with precast wall
Competitive Precast Walling in Pretoria
Keep your property safe with the most cost-efficient walling solution.

High quality and cost-efficient
Free estimate and speedy installation
Raise the value of your property
Specialized choices available
Improve your privacy
Precast Wall Repairs and Extensions

Looking for the most convenient method to guard your home or office? Get a precast walling professional today!

Your home or office building can be protected with beautiful precast walls. It can be quickly assembled and does exactly what it should.

A precast wall doesn't take more than a day for installation. You can choose any of the styles and choices such as:

Louvre precast walling.
Plain precast walling.
Concrete palisade fencing.
Vibracrete walls.
Decorative precast walling.
Block brick precast walling.
Precast accessories (eg. braais, wall inserts, etc).
Klinker brick precast walling.

Let us know about your property and we will give an obligation-free estimation for precast walls.

Precast Wall Fixing and Raising
You can get a quick solution for a damaged or cracked precast wall by calling an expert. Just fill the online form or call us for estimation.

Contact us if you need to lift the existing wall.
Sorts Of Precast Walling
Precast walling is the most optimum way to raise the safety of your office or home. There are many interesting styles and it also supports electric fencing or razor wire installation.
Many people prefer precast walls because of their durability. Therefore, precast walls will guard you for many years to come.

Plain Precast Walling
Plain precast walling is an economical method to secure your property. A plain precast walling has grey coloured material but get it coated of any colour that suits your property. This is the perfect option if you are on a budget but require practical security.
It can be the best investment, best choice and is a best investment.

Decorative Precast Walling
Decorative precast walling contains plain precast moulds and attractive panels to give a different look to the walling. Personalize an attractive precast wall according to your requirement and paint any colour of your choice.

Pick any patterns and forms.
Louvre Precast Walling
Louvre precast walling gives a distinct and modern look to the boundary walls by using thin horizontal panels. Like other sort of precast walling, it appears great in its raw form or it can be coated to improve and complement the look of your property.
Block Brick Precast Walling
Beautifully stacked concrete bricks are what makes this precast walling really preferred.
You can paint it, install attractive panels, or let it be in the raw form.

Concrete Palisade Fencing

Concrete palisade fencing has vertical concrete posts at equal gaps. It has many perks:
It has a contemporary yet timeless appeal
Concrete fencing doesn't react with rain or dampness and that's what secures it from rust
Due to its adjoining concrete post design, it provide visibility as well as privacy
If needed, this palisade fencing can also be coated
Its material way more resilient than metal palisade, therefore, needs less routine maintenance
Call an expert to get an obligation-free estimation for concrete palisade fencing.
Brick Precast Walling
Brick precast walling has been around for a number of eras but still has a lot of appeals. It gives your wall depth, character and is extremely resilient. With its slightly weatherbeaten look, it doesn't need any upkeep or painting and will be a huge asset to you for decades to come.

It is offered either in double-sided design or with one layer of concrete covering on one side of the walling.

Precast Accessories
You get a wide range of precast walling accessories from a renowned precast walling provider:
Gates that can be joined to your precast wall
Steel and palisade inserts
Steel and Palisade Inserts
You can also buy palisade and steel inserts to insert into the precast walls. You can set up inserts on an existing precast wall to increase the overall appeal of the house.

Gates in addition to the precast walls will give you complete safety.
Gates come in many types including sliding, swing, with or without motors.
Concrete Palisade


What is it to have a precast wall installed?

Precast wall is made with concrete. When many panels are affixed together to create a pattern, a precast wall is built. Precast concrete develops the installation process much faster.
What benefits are provided by precast walls over other walls?
There are many benefits of precast walls because they:
Are premium and very tough.
Can be rapidly erected (generally within a day).
Are Cost-effective.
Are easy to fix.
Can be tailored according to your style and choices

How can I ensure that my precast walls are well-kept?
You can hose down some water to maintain it but if it doesn't work, you can use some soapy solution and hose down some water.
I want to paint my precast wall: how do I do it?
Choose one of the most desirable paint colour and well-kept the wall to get rid of any dust and gunk. Ensure that there are no damages or blemishes in your wall before sealing it with a precast sealant. A layer of primer should be applied and allowed to be dried before moving on further with the coats of colour paint. The last step is to add a coat of concrete paint sealer.
Does it take longer to build up a precast wall?
It entirely depends upon the length of the wall but it generally takes a day.
How can I maintain my precast wall?
Precast walls require no service as such. Pipe it down with water or use a soapy solution once a year and your precast wall will look like a new one.
Can I rely on precast walling installation?
Precast walling is considered to be one of the most tough. It is fire-resistant and can hold up against even the harshest weather. Trespassers find it difficult to damage a precast wall, making it the perfect security feature.
Can I fix my precast wall?
Go ahead and order the replacement panels and pieces on our website before you begin fixing your precast walls.

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