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076 154 2499


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MySliM Beauty Salon - Non-Surgical Ultrasound Liposuction & RF (Radio Frequency) Wrinkle Reduction – Reshape with no Surgery.

Our beauty salon are based on the West Rand. Come and experience slimming or an RF (Radio Frequency) Wrinkle Reduction treatment that really works. Relax while loosing centimetres or a wrinkle reduction, skin peel included. Treatments are completely private. Hygiene is top priority at MySliM Beauty Salon.

The ultrasound liposuction treatment uses an ultrasound cavitation effect, to create thousands of micro air bubbles around the lipocyte (fat cell) membranes. By means of a very specific resonant frequency, the bubbles will cause pressure around the fat cells. When the pressure reaches the right tension against the lipocytes (fat cell), the lipocyte's membrane will break up instantly. The broken lipocytes will then be absorbed and metabolized out of the human body by the Lymphatic system. Each treatment is a 20 - 30 minute session with no pain, no cuts and amazing results.

Do you have trouble losing unwanted fat deposits such as cellulite, fat around your waist, your arms, the buttocks, the thighs, the abdomen, male breasts, and the legs and around your chin, despite dieting and exercise? MySliM Beauty Salon‘s non-invasive liposuction procedures will shape your body in the way you desire without any pain or surgery.

Spoil yourself and call me today to schedule your appointment for your Ultrasound Liposuction or RF (Radio Frequency) Wrinkle Reduction!

(PLEASE NOTE: Strictly by Appointment ONLY! No Walk-ins accepted)


• Non-invasive treatment without anaesthesia or cutting, easy removal of tough hard fat tissue.
• Each session takes less than an hour.
• Zero impact to your job or lifestyle!
• Pain free, with no cut, and no side-effects!
• Long-lasting/permanent results! The fat cells do not re-fill.

MySliM - Non-surgical ultrasound liposuction is suitable for men and women.
Full body for women, except breasts!
Full body for men, including breasts!

• A new revolutionary inch loss treatment using ultrasound technology with immediate results and permanent fat reduction.
• The ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the subcutaneous fat layer, causing the fat cell walls to melt.
• The treatment is comfortable, painless, and does not affect neighbouring skin structures, nerves or blood vessels.
• Typical treatment areas include the abdomen, waist line, bottom, saddlebags, inner thighs, inner knees and upper arms and jaw line.
• Advantages for the patient? Non-invasive, no down time, immediate and measurable results.
• One course of treatment can reduce your waist by an average of 2.5 inches, or one full dress or jeans size!
• Our treatment is also highly effective in reducing wrinkles and firms up excess skin.

MySliM Advanced non-invasive lipo treatment for men and women
A new revolutionary inch loss fat melting treatment using a medical grade ultrasound technology with immediate and long lasting results.
Similar results to liposuction without any surgery or down time
The ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the subcutaneous fat and this non-invasive treatment just melts away fat from those stubborn areas impossible to get rid of.
At last get rid of those fatty deposits that just will not shift. Contour your body to the shape you have always wanted.
The treatment is comfortable, painless and does not affect neighbouring skin structures, nerves or blood vessels with fantastic results.
Typical treatment areas include the abdomen, waist, line, bottom, saddlebags, inner thighs, inner knees and upper arms.
The number of treatments required varies according to the client’s requirements and the amount of fat to be removed.

Advanced non-invasive technology

The low frequency Ultrasound technology allows a predetermined amount of energy to be focused onto the subcutaneous adipose tissue.
As the ultra sonic waves converge towards the targeted area, they cumulate at a certain point and produce the so called cavitation effect leading to the mechanical breaking of the cellular membranes and the release in the inter cellular fluid of the stored Tryglycerides which are rapidly metabolised.
This technological system is very selective as only the adipose tissue is being targeted and no other tissue is altered in the process.
The Power of innovation, efficiency and comfort
Innovative technological system.
A precise range of low frequency Ultra sounds.
For efficient and save fat and volume reduction.
Very few sessions needed.
Comfortable and painless treatment.

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