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Cape Town 7560
South Africa
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087 250 0688

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CCTV Pros Bellville to Durbanville
CCTV cameras not only provide an extra layer of security to your property, but are also a good defense against crime.

CCTV Pros Bellville to Durbanville
Address: Bellville, Cape Town, 7530
087 250 0688
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CCTV Pros Bellville to Durbanville - Closed circuit television in Bellville Durbanville Brackenfell. Add CCTV to your home or office in full HD. View remotely from your phone or on your TV. Free Quotes and security audits at your property.
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Crime can be minimized when you can see what is happening on your property. Monitoring your home has never been simpler, CCTV allows you to keep track of your home or business from anyplace.
Viewing your property on high resolution will keep you one step ahead of prospective criminals.
CCTV camera Installers Bellville Durbanville Brackenfell
CCTV installers offer a variety of camera system options:

- Retail sites
- Top-level access environments
- Office spaces
- Residential properties
- Warehouses
- Site jobs

Most CCTV installation companies in Bellville Durbanville Brackenfell will quote you on buying or renting a CCTV system.

Hiring CCTV equipment is simple and you simply pay a monthly fee.
Benefits of installing CCTV security cameras in your home or office.
Crime in South Africa is a hassle for everyone, having CCTV security cameras on your property will give you an additional layer of security. Guarding your home and office with CCTV security cameras is an excellent layer of protection.

CCTV systems keep customers in addition to staff members feeling secure on your property, the cameras will also encourage team members to be on their absolute best behaviour at all times.

Once criminals have discovered they are on camera they will decide to execute their crime elsewhere.

Security camera choices(360, HD, Night Vision)
Your CCTV system is only good if your equipment is up to standard. Your security needs will determine the security cameras you install.

High Definition CCTV cameras
With high definition CCTV cameras you have the chance to immediately recognize suspects. Because of its very clear images, HD CCTV cameras make it uncomplicated for criminal investigators to determine numbers and slight details.

60 Degree cameras
{60 degree cameras can identify movement in an area up to 4 metres and are best for small spaces, like courtyards.|60 degree cameras are great for small spaces, they are able to detect motion in an area of up to 4 metres.|Have a little area which needs to be overseen? The 60 degree camera is the camera for you, it has the ability to spot activity in an area of up to 4 metres and is perfect for little areas.|Smaller areas only need a little camera like the 60 degree camera which can pinpoint movement in an area of 4 metres.|Looking to observe a store room or little area? The 60 degree camera has the ability to pinpoint motion in an area up to 4 metres and is best for securing a smaller room

Analogue CCTV video cameras
The Analogue CCTV camera is a basic camera unit developed to observe your property or business. Because of the lowered resolution images you will not have the ability to pick up small details but you will have the ability to keep track of general activity.

360 Degree CCTV cameras
Rain or shine the 360 degree camera will give you premium quality images. The 360 Degree cameras give you a comprehensive view of the area being monitored as well as the area around the camera.

Night vision video cameras
Night vision CCTV cameras use infrared lights to capture crystal clear and crisp images, even at night.

Wireless vs Wired CCTV Camera System Options
Choosing a CCTV system can be exciting but first decide whether you want a wired or a wireless unit.
Both wired and wireless units come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, this decision will have to be made with your security needs in mind.

Wired CCTV Camera Systems
CCTV cameras for large properties will be best suited with a wired CCTV unit alternative as they require wires for the internet connection, power and video transmission.

Benefits and drawbacks to Wired CCTV units

- Dependable
- Installation time can possibly be lengthy
- Well-suited to large size properties needing many cameras
- Able to link numerous cameras whenever required
- Impacted by power outages
- Does not have flexibility

Wireless Camera Options
Wireless CCTV systems make use of a wireless system to transmit your security footage which is kept on the cloud. In order to have a wireless CCTV security camera system you will need to have a WiFi network and a power source for the camera system to connect to.

Advantages and disadvantages to Wireless CCTV Cameras

- Incredibly flexible and great for tenants
- Like wired systems, they're impacted by power interruptions
- Affected by interference, giving blurred images
- Work only on a small area
- Requires a solid wireless signal
- Installing time is quick

CCTV System Installation Process
Overview of the CCTV setup process:

Evaluation and estimate

A CCTV security camera company close to you will carry out a site visit and evaluation of the area you would like to set up the cameras. You will then be given a recommendation on the CCTV system that will work best in your space. An obligation- free quotation will be given to you and work can begin as soon as you have accepted and provided the go- ahead.

Mounting CCTV camera systems
The important places will be chosen by the CCTV specialist and thereafter cameras will be mounted.

Wire and cable setup procedure
Once the camera installation has happened, the technician will position and attach the wires and cables.

Connection and test of the CCTV unit
Immediately after your CCTV system is up and running, the technician will connect and test the unit.

Last handover
You will be taught the end product and the CCTV technician will teach you how it operates and how to use it. The final handover will be finished once you are satisfied with the installation and have signed it off.

Number one CCTV brand names in S.
South Africa's top CCTV brand names:

- Dahua
- Samsung
- Hikvision
- Sunell
- Avigilon
- Axis

Selecting the best CCTV cameras for your security needs
CCTV Camera Systems for Residential Properties

If you need a residential CCTV camera system, you should think of where you want your cameras. If you only need to have the camera for your driveway and gate to look for general movement, an analogue camera might be a good idea.

A more affordable alternative would be the Analogue camera.
A 60 degree camera is great for smaller spaces and for supervising activity in a particular area.
360 degree cameras would be great if you want to view activity to the left and right of the camera too.


When comparing non commercial and commercial CCTV camera systems, industrial systems are more complex than residential ones. Commercial CCTV camera system units are ideal if you want to be able to identify fine details, like numbers on a piece of paper or facial features, an HD camera is your best bet.
A night vision camera is perfect for monitoring anytime, day or night. It provides clear images regardless of time.

The best way to choose the right CCTV Company

Decide whether you would like to hire or purchase a CCTV unit prior to deciding on a business. You will find providers that offer both of these options and others that only offer either buying or renting.
A warranty and after sales service is not offered by all business, so if this is essential to you make sure your selected provider provides these.

Have a thorough look at what is provided in your CCTV camera system installation, do they include uninterrupted power supplies, cables and connectors?
The CCTV provider should also be able to make really good suggestions for your CCTV camera system needs, taking into account the layout of your premises.
Lastly, you should feel comfortable with the CCTV provider- so, trust your gut instinct!

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I be able to install my own CCTV unit?

Yes, you can but it will take a lot longer than a specialist would take. You may find it challenging to mount the cameras and connect the cables.

Mounting the cameras in the wrong locations will mean that they are unable to monitor the complete area. CCTV companies only take 1 day to install the entire system in a professional way and the fees are shockingly economical.

Q - The cost of a CCTV system?
A - The cost of a CCTV system is reliant on a number of things, one being whether you hire or buy your unit.

Q - Can CCTV cameras help prevent crime?

A - CCTV camera units function as a big preventive against crime. Once a criminal has seen that the premises has CCTV cameras they will likely choose another premises to execute their crime. Every residence and organization should have CCTV camera systems adding an extra layer of security and protection.

Q - Do I need a CCTV unit in my office if I already have good security?

A - Do not assume your security personnels are watching everything 24 HOURS A DAY. Your CCTV unit will monitor your premises constantly without break. When you have a CCTV unit, your employees will be on their finest behaviour.

Q - How long does it take to set up a CCTV camera security system?
A - Installation time can vary according to the size of the premises, installations are usually completed within a few hours.

Q- Does a CCTV camera unit add worth to my property?
A - CCTV camera units add value to any home, they make households feel safe and secure.


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