262 Rose Avenue
Centurion 0157
South Africa
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BuyDirect embodies a revolutionary new approach to online shopping that is, at present, fundamentally redirecting the course of conventional e-commerce. Its unique and ground-breaking approach is speedily steering online shopping away from conventional website-centred selling to a new era of listing-centred selling. Similar to the manner in which shopping malls modernised retail in the 1970’s by largely replacing traditional street shops, BuyDirect has fashioned the cutting edge concept of the “cyber shopping mall”. In essence, this means that one can now own their own store in BuyDirect’s cyber- mall, from where they can run their business.
Why did this phenomenon become a necessity? In the light of the alarming statistic that only 3% of all websites lead to profitable sales, BuyDirect identified the need for the usefulness of website-centred online selling to be scrutinised. Faced with the harsh reality of 97% of websites disappearing into cyber space, Buydirect earnestly questioned the value of having an e-commerce website. As a result of their research findings, the BuyDirect creators proposed a model of e-commerce that supersedes the necessity of sellers to operate from their own websites.
Instead of spending an exorbitant sum of money and endless Search Engine Optimization hours on creating and maintaining an e-commerce website (that, at any rate, stands a very good chance of never appearing on Google’s top ten ranking), BuyDirect can do all the work for you. Instead of relentlessly battling to be noticed amongst the infinite competing listings on Google, Buydirect can host your store with a prime spot in their cyber-mall.
BuyDirect is not a conventional shopping website on which clients are merely given sellers’ contact details. With BuyDirect’s state of the art Payment Facilitation (PayPal and PayFast), customers are able to buy from the sellers directly on the website. The level of the website’s automation makes for tremendous shopper convenience and maximum shopping security.
The pertinent purpose of BuyDirect is to direct customers to their sellers’ stores. Sellers have full control over their sales and no commission is taken. Sellers are furthermore able to have direct communication with their customers in order to answer queries and stimulate further sales.


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