Aircon Pros East London

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Bonza Bay Road
East London 5241
South Africa
Phone number:
087 250 3116

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Aircon Pros East London - Full-service air conditioning company
Don't suffer through another boiling summer season or freeze during the winter months. You must feel cozy in your home and office whether it is summer or winter. Choose an aircon to have a perfect temperature in your home or workplace. If you already have one, call us whenever you require a repair.
- All brands included
- Update of your existing ac system
- Repairs to any sort of aircon
- Quick ac servicing

Aircon Pros East London
Address: Beacon Bay, East London, 5241
087 250 3116
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Aircon Pros East London - Air conditioning contractor in East London. Installations, upgrades, repairs and regular servicing. All major brands Samsung, LG, Aux, Jetair and more. Call for a same-day response.
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Aircon Installations
Do you need an aircon installation for your office or home? Contact us now. Get help selecting an aircon system that Our aircon service is ideal for you because it operates quietly and goes well with your interiors.
We provide aircon installations for every purpose whether you need a single split ac or a central air conditioning system.
We have everything for everyone whether you need a budget-friendly ac or a challenging system for a large living room.
Contact us or fill in the online form and we will help you find what best fits your needs in terms of airconditioners.

Aircon Services
Invest in a regular ac service because:
- Keep it in a good condition
- Let your ac use less electricity
- Get rid of dust and dirt from air conditioner piping
- Saves a lot of money on servicing
The ideal period to repair a residential aircon is 6 to 12 months whereas it is 3 to 6 months for commercial systems.
Don't try to repair your aircon on your own instead, consider an expert visit.
Get a free specialist aircon service quote by giving us a call or filling in the online form.

Air Conditioner Repairs
Is your airconditioner making a weird noise? Quickly resolve any issue in the aircon to prevent further harm.
- Compressor repairs and upgrades
- Ac gas refills
- Ac spare parts
- Electrical connection faults
- Repairing air- conditioner sensors
- Aircon drainage complications

Our aircon repairing professionals will visit your premises and correct the fault on the same day.

Airconditioner Brands
Choose from a series of South African leading air conditioning brands and suppliers:
Samsung, Medea, Toshiba, Daikin, LG, Alliance, York, Jet-Air, Aux, Goldair
And much more …

Commercial AC Installations|Industrial Air Conditioner Installations}
High temp hurts performance. Give them a perfect climate that keeps their productivity higher by installing an ac system in your workplace or industrial building.
Energy-saving and eco-friendly air conditioning systems for shops, offices, and other large spaces.
A team of professionals will visit your office and guide you in the right path.

Licenses & Service warranties
Every installation we provide will be included under the manufacturer's service warranty. At least a yearly repair is required to keep the ac under warranty.


Is there any size specification for aircon?
You can select an aircon for your whole property or some rooms. Depending on the dimension of your room or house, an aircon having the perfect 'BTU' will be proposed. For instance, a small room may need 12,000 BTU ac, whereas a large room will need 24,000 BTU ac. Just tell us the dimension of your room to know which ac will appropriately cool your room.

How much money do I need to spend on aircon installation?
Ac systems are available in different models and dimensions therefore, the cost also differs. You can buy a basic ac at R5000 and be ready to pay a bit more for advanced features.

Will I also get a guarantee together with the ac installation?
We offer a 2 to 5 years warranty with ac installation for any harm to the compressor. The warranty can supply you a free service or replacement. Whereas, the general ac components are covered under 12 months.

Can the aircon installation cause me to have a high electricity bill?
This is a delusion. If you select an air conditioner that is designed according to the latest technology, it won't cause a considerable increase in the bills.

{Don't aircon systems make a lot of noise?|Is it correct that an aircon makes too much noise?|How much noise does the aircon produce?|I've heard that aircons make a lot of noise, how correct is this?|I want a silent aircon but I am concerned that it will make a lot of noise, what do you recommend?
No, the latest air conditioner systems are not like this. You and your loved ones can peacefully sleep or watch tv while your aircon is working silently.

Do I really need an airconditioner?
Yes, it is a wise move to do so. You will be able to work without any trouble in the summer seasons. You can take advantage of the ac in winter too. You will have a good time living in your house.

I'm worried that an air conditioning system will make my house look ugly
Contemporary aircon units look fabulous in your room. You won't even detect your air-con system.


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